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Hours of Operation:

Office Hours Mon.-Thurs. - 8:00 to 12:00 ,   (other hours by appointment)


Inspections are conducted in the afternoon and on Fridays

Pellet Stove


Is a building permit required for a pellet stove? 



Storage Shed


Do I need a  building permit for a storage shed?


 A building permit is not required for a storage shed of 144 square feet or less however other regulations still apply regarding the distance from the property line and number of storage buildings that can be located on a parcel. 

Fencing Regulations


What regulations must I meet to install a fence on my property?


1. No permit is required to install a fence.

2. There are no requirements as to what side faces your neighbor's property.

3. The fence must be installed a minimum of 6 inches from the front property line. (Road side)

4. The fence shall not interfere with visibility at street corners.

5. Although Town regulations allow a fence to be installed directly on a rear or side property line it is recommended that you allow adequate room on your neighbors' side to allow for future maintenance of the fence.

6. Additional regulations apply to swimming pool fences. ( see link above or contact this office)

Outside Wood Boilers


What are the regulations regarding the use of outside wood boilers in the Town?


1. The Town of Mayfield has a local law that prohibits the use of outside wood boilers from May 30th to September 1st.


2. NYS DEC has regulations regarding operation of outside wood boilers. 


3. There are links above to the Mayfield Local Law and a DEC Fact Sheet regarding this topic.

Building Permit Application Email Version


This option is provided to anyone who would like to submit an application for a building permit in a fill in the blank online format. You may still download an application and mail it or bring it to the office in person. Although you can not sign an email version of this application this office is considering emailing and checking yes in the permission box as the equivalent. Electronic versions of plans and supporting data will be accepted or you may mail them.

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