Town Of Mayfield

December 20, 2007: minutes


The Mayfield Town Board met Thursday, December 20, 2007 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex 28 North School Street.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Supervisor Alan McLain and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mel Dopp.



Alan McLain, Supervisor

Rick Argotsinger, Councilman

Jack Putman, Councilman

Walter Ryan, Councilman

Kathy Sieg, Councilwoman


OTHERS PRESENT: Mel Dopp, Kathi Hillock Assessor, Bonnie Putman, Shawn Humphrey, Lita Hillier, Betty Tabor Historian, Mike Stewart CEO


It was noted that the town held a holiday gathering prior to the meeting and honored Arthur Dahl, Tom Ruliffson, Walter Ryan and Kathy Sieg for all their work.

Supervisor McLain thanked Cheryl Gifford and Dorothy Hart for all their work to make this special.


PUBLIC- Lita Hillier stated that it was a pleasure to work with Kathy and Walt and would miss them both.



The Town Clerk's report was submitted with fees collected in the A account $229.49 B account $550.00 Decals $4.70



On motion by Councilman Argotsinger and seconded by Councilwoman Sieg the following resolution was ADOPTED 5 AYES (McLain, Argotsinger, Putman, Ryan, Sieg) 0 NAY

RESOLVED that the Mayfield Town Board approves $100.00 petty cash for the Tax Collector to be returned April 1st.



On motion by Councilman Ryan and seconded by Councilman Argotsinger the following resolution was ADOPTED 5 AYES (McLain, Argotsinger, Putman, Ryan, Sieg) 0 NAY

RESOLVED that the Mayfield Town Board approves the payment of vouchers in the following accounts

General Townwide vouchers 325- 354   $32,527.73

General Outside   vouchers 82-90          $929.58

Highway Townwide vouchers 17-19    $12,829.52

Highway Outside vouchers 191-221    $29,410.24




HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT REPORT- Mel Dopp Highway Superintendent Elect reported that he has a list of roads prepared that need maintenance. Also has a maintenance program that he would like to review with the board at the January meeting and is looking forward to working with everyone.


BUILDING INSPECTOR REPORT- Mike Stewart CEO submitted his monthly report which included 7 permits issued.


ASSESSOR REPORT- Kathi Hillock Assessor reported that she has been busy with the star renewal exemptions.


SUPERVISOR REPORT- Alan McLain Supervisor gave an update on the new post office.


PUBLIC- Betty Tabor Historian submitted her yearly report.

A year end meeting will be held on December 27th at 7PM


On motion by Councilman Putman and seconded by Councilman Argotsinger, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.


Respectfully Submitted:



Dorothy Hart, Town Clerk RMC