Town Of Mayfield

November 09, 2005: Minutes


December 14, 2005


At a regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, held on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at the Mayfield Village Hall, 13 North School Street at 7:00 pm there were



Arthur Dahl, Chairman

Robert Cooper, Board Member

Marilyn Salvione, Board Member

Nancy Deitch, Board Member



John Vadney, Board Member


OTHERS PRESENT: Donald & Cathy Julian, Colleen Bisceglia (Nextel Representative), Cindy Ostrander Planning Board Clerk.


Chairman Arthur Dahl called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and welcomed the new board member Nancy Deitch.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES-A motion was made by Robert Cooper and seconded by Marilyn Salvione to approve the minutes of November 9, 2005 as submitted.

CARRIED 4(four) AYES (Dahl, Cooper, Salvione, Deitch) 0(zero) NAYS

 1(one) ABSENT (Vadney)  





Donald & Cathy Julian residing at 228 County Hwy 123 submitted an application for a site plan review.  They are proposing to place a home on their property which has an existing mobile home and garage (Parcel #73.-1-40.2). (This proposal requires a site plan review according to Subsection 301-4(A)(7) of Local Law No. 2 of the year 2005.)  The Board members discussed the plans with Mr. & Mrs. Julian.  The short form SEQR was submitted to the board with Part I completed by the applicant.  The Board completed Part II.

Marilyn Salvione made a motion that the Planning Board determine that there is no significant environmental impact from the proposed action, Robert Cooper seconded.  CARRIED 4(four) AYES (Dahl, Cooper, Salvione, Deitch) 0(zero) NAYS

 1(one) ABSENT (Vadney)



Nancy Deitch made a motion to schedule a Public Hearing for January 11, 2006 at 7:15 p.m., Robert Cooper seconded. Mr. & Mrs. Julian will not be able to attend the meeting next month, and will have someone come as their representative (Steve & Melinda Girard).




Colleen Bisceglia (Nextel Representative) discussed with the board the site visit they had made.  Ms. Bisceglia gave the members pictures from the recent APA-visual test to be included in the file.



Robert Cooper proposed a resolution that the Planning Board approve a Special Use Permit for a telecommunications pole and facility as shown in the proposal received, subject to Nextel providing adequate strength to the replacement pole to allow adding a second service provider at a later date, Marilyn Salvione seconded. CARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS 1(one) ABSENT (Vadney)





Chairman Dahl received information about an upcoming seminar in Saratoga on January 25, 2006 recommending attendance by all members.




Chairman Dahl reported that he spoke to Ed Salvo about the Salisburg application.  He expressed willingness to propose completing the SEQR review at the January 2006 meeting provided all recommended issues in the letter from the Health Department have been addressed.


Chairman Dahl noted that the Voss-Progress Heights Phase III is still open.


Mr. Bates withdrew his application; the public hearing scheduled for tonight is cancelled.


The board discussed a site plan review fee to recommend to the Town Board, Chairman Dahl stated that it would be helpful to check with neighboring municipalities.


Board member Marilyn Salvione whose term expires 12/31/05, was asked if she would serve another, and replied positively.


Next meeting is scheduled to be held January 11, 2006


On motion by Robert Cooper, seconded by Nancy Deitch the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.  CARRIED 4(four) AYES (Dahl, Cooper, Salvione, Deitch) 0(zero) NAYS

1(one) ABSENT (Vadney)


Respectfully Submitted,



Cindy Ostrander, Planning Board Clerk