Town Of Mayfield

July 19, 2006: Minutes


At a regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, held on Wednesday July 19, 2006 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex, 28 North School Street at 7:00 pm there were


Arthur Dahl, Chairman

Nancy Deitch, Board Member

Marilyn Salvione, Board Member

John Vadney, Board Member

Robert Cooper Board Member

OTHERS PRESENT: Frank & JoAnne Pavlovski, Deborah Hannis, Dave Breman representing Verizon Wireless, Dave Huckans, Mayor Gregg Deitch, and Kathy Canary Planning Board Clerk.

Chairman Arthur Dahl called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES-A motion was made by John Vadney and seconded by Nancy Deitch to approve the minutes of June 21, 2006 as submitted. ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.


Ethel Jones subdivision represented by Myrton Cyr. This subdivision came before the board June 21, 2006.  The board has received survey confirming all widths to be at least 150 ft. as requested at the June 21, 2006 meeting.



Frank and JoAnne Pavlovsky discussed the subdivision for property they are proposing to purchase from Olbrych Realty Inc.  The property is located on County Highway 154.  Tax Parcel # 119. – 10 – 51.  They application is to subdivide 8.5+  acres from the remaining lands of approximately 73 acres owned by  Olbrych Realty, Inc. This property  is situated along the Mayfield/Johnstown border.  The 8.5+ acres in the Town of Mayfield is part of a parcel where 16.9 acres are in the Town of Johnstown.  The board discussed and explained minor and major subdivisions.  The board determined this to be a minor subdivision.


A motion made by Marilyn Salvione and seconded by Robert Cooper to declare this a minor subdivision. ALL IN FAVOR             Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.

The Pavlovsky’s were given a short form SEQR to fill out and at the next meeting the board will complete the SEQR REVIEW.   For the next meeting the board has requested

July 19, 2006

4 copies of a completed survey showing the subdivision as presented and signed by the applicant and current owner.  Four copies of the survey plans are needed for approval and stamping.


John Vadney made a motion to schedule a Public Hearing for the Pavlovsky/Olbrych Realty Inc Subdivision on August 16, 2006 at 7:15 pm, Nancy Deitch seconded.  ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.


Deborah Hannis submitted a site plan application for a hair salon.  The property is located at 106 Second Ave in the village of Mayfield.  Her proposal entails a 24ft by 24ft house to be used for a hair salon, which includes bathroom, area for manicure & pedicure, replaced front enclosed porch and extended parking to the front yard by replacing yard with gravel.  The Board is requesting a more formal detailed sketch drawn to scale or a survey.  Due to the fact this property is within 500 ft of a county or state highway this proposal  will be sent to the County Planning Board for review and comment.  This proposal is tabled until the next meeting.


Nancy Deitch made a motion seconded by Robert Cooper to suspend the regular meeting and open the Public Hearing as advertised and scheduled for this evening at 7:30 pm. ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.  A legal notice was printed on July 12, 2006 in the Leader Herald and on July 11, 2006 in the Recorder with copy of said notice posted on the town bulletin board.  The applicant was sent a copy of the Public Hearing Notice and a copy of said notice was given to the clerk to be included in the record.  A letter with copy of said notice was mailed to the Town of Johnstown.  The Board received notification from the County Planning Board of approval of the site plan.  As there was no public comment, the Board held the Public Hearing open and continued with other business.        


Dave Huckans submitted an application for a subdivision.  This property is located at 380 Paradise Pt Rd in the Town of  Mayfield.  Tax Parcel # 88. – 4 -34.  The Board discussed the proposed subdivision with Mr. Huckans.  Mr. Huckans explained his reasons for subdividing which included his project across the road.  Further discussion was held as to when the abutting properties were last subdivided.  The Board requested 4 copies of the survey showing the subdivision for approval and to be stamped.


Since no action has been taken with respect to the property since 1999, both resulting parcels will have at least 150ft in width and 150ft road frontage the Planning Board determines the proposed action to be EXEMPT from the Subdivision Regulations per APPENDEX A PARAGRAPH DD. This motion made by Nancy Deitch and seconded by John Vadney.  ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.

July 19, 2006

Mr. Huckans presented the form Local Government Notice Form from the Adirondack Park Agency.   The form was completed and signed by the chairman.  This form states applicant does not require municipal approval.  A copy of said form was given to the clerk to be included in the record.


A motion to close the Public Hearing for Verizon Wireless was made by John Vadney and seconded by Robert Cooper at 7:50 pm.  There was no public comment.

Nancy Deitch made a motion that a Special Use Permit be granted for modifications to Verizon Tower per application. Seconded  by John Vadney ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.


Dave Huckans submitted a Site Plan Application for property located at Paradise Pt Rd Town of Mayfield Tax Parcel # 88. -4 – 23.  Zoned L1-Lakefront and R1-Residential.  He is proposing to create a 20 unit condominium complex with Lakefront on land which also has wetlands.  A cluster development of attached housing entailing 6 buildings – 3 quads, 2 triplex and 1 duplex.  Each building will have attached garages and 2 boat slips each.  This development will have a private roadway with turnaround. The cluster development will be in an appealing design.  This is a major proposal and many issues were addressed including the private roadway width with concern for emergency vehicle access.  Mr. Huckans was advised to consult with Mike Stewart CEO, or Tom Ruliffson Highway Superintendent, for minimum width of the turnaround.  Various agencies are involved with this site plan, the Adirondack Park Agency, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Department of Health, Army Corp of Engineers, Hudson River Black River Regulating Board.  DEC, DOH, Army Corp of Engineer have visited the site.  The topics addressed were DEC- erosion-sediment control plan and septic fields.  DOH – water system  and location  of water wells.  Army Corp of Engineers – wetlands and location of docks has been approved.  Applicant has letter from Brad Sherwood, Army Corp of Engineers, stating wetlands are fine and they are in accord with the proposed foot bridges.  At the time conceptual plans were viewed and discussed by the board.  The board is requesting fully engineered final plans be presented at the next meeting showing erosion, ponds, culverts, runoff  into wetlands, septic tank and leach line placement, pumping station, elevation of buildings.   Mr. Huckans states the SEQR form is close to completion.   Mr. Huckans was advised to supply the board with a list of names and addresses of all adjourning  and neighboring property owners.


Discussion was held on being named lead agency for the purpose of SEQR REVIEW.  By  proposing to be lead agency we would benefit from the other agencies’ knowledge and comment.  Mr. Huckans to supply the Board with a list of all other agencies involved.  A letter will be sent to the other agencies proposing we be named Lead agency.

July 19, 2006


Nancy Deitch made a motion to propose ourselves as Lead Agency for the purpose of SEQR REVIEW  seconded by John Vadney ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.


A motion made by Marilyn Salvione that the chairman be authorized to postpone the next meeting and reschedule the Public Hearing that is scheduled for Pavlovsky.   The length of postponement is up to 2 weeks to allow Mr. Huckans time to provide SEQR form and more complete drawings to be forwarded to other agencies  seconded by Nancy Deitch  ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.

Mr. Huckans states he will provide the Board with a copy of the letter he will send to the tax assessor  for requesting what the tax assessment will be on the units.


Joseph Artikuski submitted a site plan application for commercial property located at 3279 St Hwy 30 Gloversville Town of Mayfield. Tax Parcel # 136.-4-43.  He is proposing an addition to his business B& B Equipment, an expansion of the showroom.   Applicant was not able to attend the meeting.  Mr. Dahl discussed the Site Plan in brief.

This Site Plan will be sent to the County Planning Board since it is located on a state highway.  This Site Plan will also need to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals for 2 variances.  This commercial site is a non conforming structure,  established  before Zoning was enacted.  The consensus of the board is to wait for comment from the County Planning Board and the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Next meeting tentatively scheduled for August 16, 2006 at 7:00pm., possibly deferred as long as two weeks as noted above.

A motion to adjourn made by John Vadney and seconded by Robert Cooper at 8:50pm.

ALL IN FAVOR Carried 5(five)AYES 0(zero)NAYS.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Canary

Planning Board Clerk