Town Of Mayfield

April 05, 2006: Minutes


At a regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, held on Wednesday April 5, 2006 at the Mayfield Municipal Complex, 28 North School Street at 7:00 pm there were


Arthur Dahl, Chairman

Nancy Deitch, Board Member

Marilyn Salvione, Board Member

John Vadney, Board Member

EXCUSED: Robert Cooper, Board Member

OTHERS PRESENT: Kathy Canary Planning Board Clerk.

Chairman Arthur Dahl called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES-A motion was made by John Vadney and seconded by Nancy Deitch to approve the minutes of March 29, 2006 as submitted. Carried 3 (three) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Marilyn Salvione entered the meeting at 7:15 pm due to a previous commitment.


None at this time



The board addressed the continuation of the possible modifications of the Town of Mayfield Zoning Law items 2 thru 7 of the Zoning Law Items for review supplied by Mike Stewart CEO.

Item number 2 Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 202: Definitions HOME OCCUPATIONS

II-b.The modifications to this law is to include a preamble stating in Home Occupations individuals proposing a Home Occupation shall present their concept to the Planning Board and the decision of whether the proposal is a Home Occupation I or II will be at the discretion of the Planning Board.The primary consideration in site plan review is an adverse effect on neighbors, value of neighboring properties, including noise, odor, lighting and increase of traffic, and the degree to which this is mitigated by distance from neighboring properties, screening of unsightly uses from view and availability of on-site parking.Site plan review may be required under Home Occupation I, is required under Home Occupation II.John Vadney made a motion to accept the modification and Nancy Deitch secondedALL IN FAVOR

CARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

April 5, 2006

Item number 3 Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 202 Definitions LOT and LOT LINES.There is no definition of minimum lot width mentioned in the chart located under Section 401:D The question is whether a triangular shaped lot located in a zone requiring a minimum lot width of 150 feet in compliance if it measures 150 feet at its widest point only.We suggest adding definition of lot width as follows, LOT WIDTH -The distance parallel to the front lot line measured through the center of the principal building.Marilyn Salvione made a motion and John Vadney seconded.ALL IN FAVOR CARRIED 4 (four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Item number 4 Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 401:D under MAXIMUM PERCENT OF LOT OCCUPIED BY PRINCIPAL BUILDING.There is no definition of principal building under this section.The boardís recommendation is to change the principal building to read Maximum percent of lot occupied by all structures.The change would make this law clear.ALL IN FAVORCARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Item number 5 Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 402: Additional Area Regulations Subsection EFRONT YARD EXCEPTIONS.

The board discussed this law.Their suggestion to eliminate the problem of sheds inferring with the front yard average is to have the law read: The front yard of all buildings and structures hereafter constructed within a residential district shall be not less than the average front yard of all principal buildings (including attached garages) in the block for a distance of 300 feet in each side of such building.A vacant lot within the 300 foot distance shall be considered as having the minimum front yard required in the district for the purpose of computing such average front yard.Motion was made by Nancy Deitch and seconded by John VadneyALL IN FAVOR CARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 301-14-A-1.Should the Town Board accept our recommendation to have residential uses in commercial zones then the Industrial Zoning Law Category is going to have to be clear that residential uses are not permitted.The board agreed upon adding to Local Law 2 of 2005 301-14-A-1 except residential uses.All IN FAVOR CARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Item number 6 Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 402 Additional Area Regulations Subsection HWALLS, FENCES, AND HEDGES.

A discussion was held on walls, fences, and hedges concerning the distance from lot lines and tabled fro a future meeting.Art Dahl will confer with Sean Geraghty, of the Fulton County Planning Department.

Kathy Sieg LetterThe board addressed a letter from Kathy Sieg, Town Board Member, on the subject of zone changes.Kathy Siegís suggestion is to change the zone of the Verklier property, located on Route 30 from Industrial to commercial.This change would allow for a row of commercial stores to be developed on the road frontage at some

April 5, 2006

future date and still continue the junkyard business in the rear of the property.Marilyn Salivone made a motion to recommend to the Town Board to change the zone of Route 30 where Verklierís junkyard business is located from Industrial Zone to Commercial Zone, Seconded by John Vadney. ALL IN FAVOR CARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

Item number 7 Local Law 2 of 2005 Section 301-11-4 Agricultural Permitted Uses.

The board dealt with clarifying site plan review in Agricultural Zones.The boardís suggestion under number 4 is to add at the end of number 4 If site plan review is required for such use in R-1, R-2, or R-E site plan review shall also be required in Agricultural Zones.John Vadney made a motion to accept this addition, seconded by Nancy Deitch. ALL IN FAVOR CARRIED 4(four) AYES 0(zero) NAYS.

A brief talk was held in reference to the Dunkiní Donuts Proposal.This proposal is on the calendar for April 19, 2006.

Next meeting scheduled for April 19, 2006 at 7:00 pm.

Motion to adjourn made by John Vadney, seconded by Nancy Deitch at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Canary, Planning Board Clerk