Town Of Mayfield

October 17, 2007: minutes



                                                                       Town of Mayfield

                                                                          Planning Board

                                                                         October 17, 2007


A regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, was held at the Mayfield Municipal Complex, 28 North School, street at 7:00pm.



Present: John Vadney, Chairman

                    Barney Brower, Board Member

                    Marilyn Salvione, Board Member

                    Art Dahl, Board Member

                    Cheryl Gifford, Clerk


 Absent:      Nancy Deitch, Board Member



Others Present: Bradley Reed, Michele Haggarty


Chairman  John Vadney called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and welcomed the Board Members, and Applicants.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Motion made byArt Dahl and 2nd by Barney Brower to accept the September 27, 2007 minutes as written.  All in favor { 4}.


CHAIRMAN'S REPORT:  John Vadney announced  the meeting between  the Town Board Members, Zoning Board of Appeals, Code Enforcer, and Planning Board members is scheduled for Monday October 22, 2007 at 7:00PM at the Town Municipal Building.  The purpose of the meeting is to review Zoning Laws, and Planning Board Rules.  Art Dahl, and Marilyn will not be able to attend the meeting.  Marilyn Salvione  is going to contact  the other attending Board Members to touch base with them, as she will be away .  John Vadney asked that the Planning Board Members who were not attending the meeting if they had concerns or issues they wanted to be included in the meeting they could do so through him. 

Chairman Vadney made note he received an application  from the Fulton County  Planning Board for a  New York State Dept. of State training for Local Officials.  John noted the training sessions were mostly zoning in nature.  Art Dahl noted the training sessions would count as inservice credit for those attemding.  


PUBLIC HEARING -Daniels: cancelled due to lack of paperwork



      :Hayes/Capobianco-Subdivision:No representative was present so no action was taken by the Board.  Chairman Vadney asked the Clerk to contact Hayes and find if they wished to continue their application.


     Bradley Reed-Subdivision: Chairman Vadney asked Mr.  Reed if there was an access from Rt. 29.  Mr. Reed stated not to his knowledge.  The Board  noted to Mr. Reed the need for one Lot to have 150 foot road frontage.  Art Dahl stated from the Subdivision Regulations Appendix DD the smaller lot would benefit if  a  house was put  on the back portion of the lot.  Motion made by Art Dahl, 2nd by Marilyn Salvione that Bradley Reed's Subdivision be declared a Minor Subdivision contingent upon an amended survey to be marked definitively to show 150 road frontage with existing structure.  All in favor {4}.


Motion made by Art Dahl, 2nd  by Barney Brower to hold an Public Hearing at the  November 21, 2007 meeting at 7:15PM on Bradley Reed's Subdivision contingent on the Boards receiving a new survey by November 10, 2007.  All in Favor  {4}.



        Petrone: {not present}:  A map and the section XII of the Zoning Law{ Cluster Development} was provided  from the Code Enforcer to be given to the Planning Board  as a pre- application request.   The Planning Board noted that from the map provided the site on Sand Hill Rd. and Rt 30 is in a RE zone


OLD BUSINESS:  Barney Brower asked the Board members if it was necessary for               Crystal Daniels Site Plan to have a survey?  Barney Brower noted that it would be faster for Crystal Daniels, and more cost efficient if a neat sketch could be used.

Motion made by  Barney Brower , 2nd by Art Dahl  to amend the original request for a survey from Crystal Daniels.  The Planning Board will accept a neatly drawn sketch for the Site Plan, and then to forward to the Fulton County Planning Board for Approval.  All in favor {4}


Gridley:   Family representatives for Clifford Gridley presented the Board with a new map.  The new survey showing a 150 foot road frontage on the lot requested, zoned R1.  The Subdivision went from 5 lots to 4 lots.  The Board members explained the differences in a Minor Subdivision and  Major Subdivision, and gave Michele  Haggarty a copy of   section 501 and 502, Minor Subdivision Criteria and Procedures.  Art Dahl has concerns as to other agencies having issues such as the Health Dept., APA and DEC in regards to Wetlands, and Soil Testing.  Mr. Gridleys  daughter stated  her father talked to the APA, but nothing formal.  Art Dahl stated the NYS DEC Map may provide the applicant with the Wetland areas in question.

Motion made by Marilyn Salvione, 2nd by Art Dahl to declare Clifford Gridley proposal as a Minor Subdivision {4} lots.  Also Motion made by Art Dahl, 2nd by Marilyn Salvione to be  Lead Agency for SEQR.  All in Favor{4} . 

The Board Members requested the Gridleys make at least 8 copies of the new map as other agencies involved will need to see one.


 Motion made by Barney Brower,  2nd by Marilyn Salvione the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.