Town Of Mayfield

September 27, 2007: minutes



                                                                       Town of Mayfield

                                                                          Planning Board

                                                                          September 27, 2007


A regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board, Town of Mayfield, Fulton County, New York, was held at the Mayfield Municipal Complex, 28 North School, street at 7:00pm.



Present: John Vadney, Chairman

                    Barney Brower, Board Member

                    Marilyn Salvione, Board Member


 Absent:    Art Dahl, Board Member

                    Nancy Deitch, Board Member


Others Present: Fritz Showers, Crystal Daniels, Clifford Gridley, Gregg Deitch, Cheryl Gifford, Michelle Buckley Planning Board clerk.


Chairman Vadney called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


Approval of Minutes: Marilyn Salvione moved and 2nded by Barney Brower to accept the minutes of August 28, 2007 with correction made by Barney Brower.,Correction as follows: Motion made by Barney Brower and 2nded by Marilyn Salvione  under Home Occupation 2, the Town Planning Board votes not to approve the request from applicant John Askew Used Car Lot .  This decision is based on the Planning Boards view that such use in a R1 zone is not compatible with the goals of the Zoning Law, and with the Mayfield  Comprehensive Plan.  Motion made by Art Dahl, and 2nded by Nancy Deitch, 4{YES} Deitch, Salvione, Dahl, Vadney, {1}  NO Barney Brower.


Chairman's Report: None at this time.



SEQR review was done and motion by Brower 2nd by Salvione to move the SEQR review with no environmental impact. All in Favor.


Old Business:

Mr. Voss is no longer interested in his Phase III application.


New Application:

Crystal Daniels Site Plan Application to construct a pole barn garage. SBL # 104.1-1-15 on Rt.30 and Jackson Summit, in Mayfield. Motion by Salvione 2nd by Brower to act as lead agency. All in favor. Short SEQR form and survey will need to be done, Motion by Brower 2nd by Salvione to have a Public Hearing October 17, 2007 at 7:15 pm contingent on completed paperwork to the planning board. All in Favor.



Motion by Salvione 2nd Brower to open Public Hearing for Deitch SBL# 103.4-1-28.

No comments from the public.




Motion by Brower 2nd by Salvione to close public Hearing on Deitch SBL#103.4-1-28.


The Fulton County Planning Board reviewed the Site Plan:, their response was that there were no regional implications  proposed  and they would be making no recommendation concerning this application.


Motion By Salvione 2nd by Brower to Accept and APPROVE Deitch Site Plan Application SBL#103.4-1-28. All in favor .



Motion by Brower 2nd by Salvione to open Public Hearing for Shower SBL#152.-4-9.



Clifford Gridley 5 lot subdivision SBL# 121.0-2-2 123 Perigue Rd, Gloversville NY 12078. Motion by Brower 2nd by Salvione to declare as a major Subdivision. All in favor.


Motion by Brower 2nd by Salvione to close Public Hearing for Showers SBL# 152-4-9. All in favor.

Motion by Salvione 2nd by Brower to ACCEPT Showers Subdivision Application as written, 2 Lot Subdivision. All in favor.


Motion by Brower, 2nd by Salvione to adjourn meeting. All in favor.


Board Member Barney Brower would like to thank Michelle Buckley the Planning Board Clerk who leaving , she will be greatly missed and well job done.


Chairman John Vadney is proposing a workshop between the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board.


Next meeting: October 17 at 7:00pm.


Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Gifford Planning Board clerk