Town Of Mayfield

January 16, 2008: minutes


Town of Mayfield

Planning Board  Meeting

January 16, 2008



A regular meeting of the Mayfield Planning Board was held at the Municipal Complex, 28 North School Street at 6:30PM January 16, 2008.



Present : Walt Ryan: Chairman of the Planning Board,  Board members; Barney Brower, Nancy Dietch, and John Vadney.  Notes taken by Planning Board Clerk; Cheryl Gifford.


Absent: Marilyn Salvione


At 6:30PM Chairman Walt Ryan opened the informal meeting welcomed all present.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion made by John Vadney 2nd by Barney Brower  to accept the regular November 21, 2007 minutes as written by the Clerk.  All in favor (4).

( Brower, Ryan, Deitch, Vadney). No meeting was held in December 2007.


MOTION made  by Barney Brower and 2nd by John Vadney that a quorum of 3 be present for each meeting.  All in Favor  (4) (Ryan,Brower,DeitchVadney) .


MOTION made by John Vadney and 2nd by Nancy Deitch : The Chairman may alter the agenda at his discretion.  All in Favor. (4) (Ryan, Brower, Deitch, Vadney).



HAYES/CAPOBIANCO: 2 lot subdivision SBL# 58.-2-1 Zoned RE.

A discussion was held  between Jessie, Bill Capobianco and the Board.  The survey was reviewed.  The applicants will adjust the survey to meet requirements and be put on a future agenda.



CECIL VANNOSTRAND:  2 Lot Subdivision SBL# 73.-1-53.111 Zoned AG

The Planning Board reviewed the Subdivision Application and Survey. A discussion was held on the Subdivision Regulations, and the Zoning Law pertaining to this application.


MOTION Made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Nancy Deitch the above said application for Cecil VanNostrand is Exempt under the Provisions of Appendix A,Paragraph DD of the Town of Mayfield  Subdivision Regulation.  All in favor (4) (Ryan, Brower, Deitch, Vadney).


As the new year 2008 starts, the Planning Board for the Town of Mayfield will be reviewing the Zoning Law.  Chairman Ryan expressed eight items in the Zoning Law for the Planning Board to review.  A discussion was held on  Percentage of lot usage in L1 and L2 zone, and Section 402, A2 in the Zoning Law, (gift to son/daughter).  A discussion was also held on Agricultural Zone.  Walt expressed that after reviewing the concerns of  the Planning Board, a letter would be sent to the Town Board.  The Town Board would hold a meeting  to discuss the Planning Board recommendations.  The Town Board can accept or reject the Planning Boards recommendations.  The Town Board would have to hold a Public Hearing to make any changes to the Zoning Law.


The next Zoning Law review meeting the Planning Board will discuss Home Occupation I, and II, and the Expansion of Commercial Zone.


MOTION made by Barney Brower and 2nd by  John Vadney the following dates are reserved for the Zoning  Law review.  Wednesday January 23rd, at 6:30PM,  Wednesday February 6th , at 6:30PM,  and the regular scheduled February meeting, Wednesday February 20th at 6:30PM.  All in favor (4) (Ryan, Brower, Deitch, Vadney).


Chairman Ryan reviewed with the Planning Board  the guidelines for meeting minutes.

MOTION made by John Vadney and 2nd by  Barney Brower the planning Board meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.  All in favor 4 (Ryan, Brower, Deitch, Vadney).

Notes taken respectfully by the Clerk.