Town Of Mayfield

August 20, 2008: minutes







AUGUST 20, 2008




PRESENT: Walt Ryan, John Vadney, Marilyn Salvione, and Barney Brower


ABSENT: Robert Phillips


Chairman Ryan opened the meeting at 6:30PM


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Marilyn Salvione and 2nd by Barney Brower the minutes for the July 16th, 2008 were approved as written by the Clerk.  All in favor (4) Ryan, Vadney, Salvione, and Brower.





3 lot Subdivision

Location: 365 Griffis Rd., Mayfield

SBL#  121.-2-1.2


The Chairman discussed the Subdvision Regulation with the Board as it applies to the Rulison application.  The Board determined that the application did not meet the requirements to be Exempt.  The Board reviewed the requirements needed as follows:

1. Survey map, 2.  A deeded right a way with an access of 25 feet wide.  No future meeting set, and no action taken by the Board.





2 Lot Subdivision

Location : 578 County Hwy 123, Mayfield

SBL# 58.-2-1


Chairman Ryan discussed the application with the Board as he was not on the Board at the time the application was first presented.  Land Surveyor John Ferguson was present to represent the applicants.  Upon review of the Subdivision Regulations the Board determined the application to be Exempt and the following motion was made.


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Barney Brower, and 2nd by John Vadney  the Hayes/Capobianco Subdivision was declared Exempt per  Appendix A; DD of the Subdivision Regulations.  No further action is required of the Board.  All in favor (4) Ryan,Vadney, Salvione, and  Brower.






A lengthy discussion was held on the Commercial District as it applies to the Comprehensive Plan, the Towns Commercial future and the yearly evaluation of the Zoning Law.  The Chairman brought some ideas to the table for the Board to discuss at a later date.


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Marilyn Salvione the meeting was closed at 8:00PM.  All in favor  (4) Ryan, Vadney, Salvione, and Brower.


Minutes submitted by Clerk Cheryl Gifford