Town Of Mayfield

October 15, 2008: minutes




OCTOBER 15, 2008


PRESENT: Chairman Walt Ryan,  Barney Brower, John Vadney, Robert Phillips


ABSENT:  Marilyn Salvione


Chairman Walt Ryan opened the meeting at 6:30PM


MOTION:  Upon  motion made by Barney Brower, and 2nd by Robert Phillips  the September 17, 2008 minutes were approved as written by the Clerk.  All in favor (4) Ryan, Phillips, Vadney, and Brower.






SBL# 120.-1-4

LOCATION: 2948 State Hwy 30, Gloversville, NY 12078 in the Town of Mayfield

Zone: Commercial


The Chairman opened the discussion explaining the Comprehensive Plan and Commercial Districts in relation to Mr. Askews project.  Walt explained that the Town has three major cluster commercial areas.  The Site Plan Review ensures the esthetic look for the Town.  The Board reviewed the application with Mr. Askew.  Walt referred to page 56 of the Zoning Law as it pertains to Site Plan Review.  The Planning Board is requiring the following items. 


•1.          NYS right-a-way lines on survey map.

•2.          Visual line of site, width, and culvert design of driveway.

•3.          D.O.T. approval, and blacktop driveway.

•4.          Compliance to the Junk Yard Law.

•5.          Parking spaces 10 feet by 18 feet for retail sale.

•6.          1 handicap parking, 2 residential, and 5 employed parking spaces.

•7.          Clearly neat delineated front yard buffer.

•8.          10-car maximum .

•9.          4 copies of survey


Tabled items


•1.            NYS Dealer/Repair shop license

•2.            Screening





The Board discussed a letter sent to the Town Board of the Town of Mayfield requesting a rezoning for a property at 3476 Rt. 30, Mayfield.  No action was taken by the Planning Board.



MOTION:  Upon motion made by Walt Ryan and 2nd by Barney Brower the meeting was adjourned at 8:00PM.  All in favor. (4) Ryan, Brower, Vadney, and Phillips.



Notes respectfully taken by the Clerk

Cheryl Gifford