Town Of Mayfield

November 19, 2008: minutes


PRESENT: Chairman Walt Ryan,  Barney Brower, John Vadney, Robert Phillips, and Marilyn Salvione




Chairman Walt Ryan opened the meeting at 6:30PM


MOTION:  Upon  motion made by Barney Brower, and 2nd John Vadney the October 15, 2008 minutes were approved as written by the Clerk with the following correction: The Board discussed a letter sent to the Town Board of the Town of Mayfield requesting a rezoning for a property at 3476 RT 30, Mayfield.  The Planning Board took no action.   All in favor (4) Ryan, Phillips, Vadney, and Brower, and Salvione.







SBL# 120.-1-4

LOCATION: 2948 State Hwy 30, Gloversville, NY 12078 in the Town of Mayfield

Zone: Commercial


Chairman Ryan reviewed with the Board the items required to be included on the survey map by the applicant.  The following items were deleted from the requirements:  NYS right-a-way lines, culvert design.  The following items are required but do not show on the survey map:  Blacktop driveway; the Board is requesting that the applicant  pave to the inner most part of the driveway.  The (eight) parking spaces reduced to (seven) to not block doorway.  The front yard buffer labeled and to include a 2 to 3 foot high  split rail fence.  Footnote on survey to show  the business sign placed on the garage, specifications  per the zoning  document for size, add existing lights and to say lighting only as shown.  The board is requiring no elevated car displays, and a  copy of the deed.  No action taken by the Board.





SBL# 88.-4-23

Lakeview Rd and Paradise Pt. Rd., Mayfield

Zone L-1


Dave Huckans was present, and also representing him Alex Rhodes from CT Male, and Robert Simon ESQ. as attorney.   A discussion was held on the transportation water system and the homeowners association


MOTION:  Upon motion made by John Vadney and 2nd by Barney Brower the Paradise Pt. Development project be reconsidered for Site Plan Review.  All in favor (5) Ryan, Phillips, Vadney, Salvione, and Brower.


A copy of the Homeowners Association was given to the Board, and a short discussion was held on it.  Dave Huckans expressed that the APA was near completion, no approval as of yet.  The Board requested six complete sets of drawings

A short discussion was held on hiring a consulting firm for technical assistance for Cluster Developments at the cost of the applicant.  The Planning Board took no action.







Peter and Lori Bushey-Serenity Housing Sales Inc., Ballston Spa NY

3983 State Hwy 30, Amsterdam

SBL # 152.-6-21

Zone: Commercial

Current home of Chase Woods Modular Home Sales


The applicant presented a sketch plan to the Board  and explained the reason for their changes.  Chairman  Ryan explained to the applicant the site plan review process and read the requirements to the applicant at this pre application conference.   The following items will be required on a survey: Title, location map, culvert labeled location and description of buildings, location and width of driveway, label parking spaces; employees and customers.  Label garage, indicate Town line, septic and well location, electrical power lines, note existing signs, buffer between entrances, and location of lighting.  The following items not needed: contour lines, pedestrian access, site improvements, landscaping, and construction schedule.  The Short Form SEQR was given to the applicant to complete, and asked to be returned prior to the next meeting.  No action taken by the Board


Marilyn and Joseph Salvione-Boundary Line Change

Priddle Point Rd. Mayfield



Marilyn Salvione as a Planning Board member recused herself from the discussion as it pertained to their property.

A short discussion was held on the lot line amendment.  The Planning Board took no action as the Board agreed that this lot line amendment was not under the jurisdiction of the Planning Board as no Subdivision was occurring..




A discussion was held on a letter from the Law office of Traci L DiMezza to the Town Board of the Town of Mayfield.  George and William Menge are requesting a zoning change to their recently approved subdivided property located at 3476 Rt. 30, Mayfield, .SBL # 137.-4-45.111.


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Walt Ryan and 2nd by Barney Brower the Planning Board will recommend to the Town Board that the above said property be left zoned RE as it is best suited for residential property due to the sensitivity of the Kenyetto Creek, and the close proximity  of the other residential homes.  All in favor (5) Ryan, Phillips, Vadney, Salvione, and Brower.


MOTION:  Upon motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Robert Phillips the meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.  All in favor (5) Ryan, Vadney, Phillips, Brower, and Salvione.





Notes respectfully taken by the Clerk

Cheryl Gifford