Town Of Mayfield

February 06, 2008: minutes




FEBRUARY 6, 2008



PRESENT: Chairman Walt Ryan, Nancy Deitch, John Vadney, and Barney Brower/

ABSENT:  Marilyn Salvione


The Chairman, Walt Ryan opened the Workshop at 6:30PM


MOTION:   A motion made by John Vadney and 2nd by Barney Brower the minutes from the January 23, 2008 Workshop meeting was approved as written by the Clerk .  All in favor.  (4) Ryan, Vadney, Brower, and Deitch.


Walt Ryan reviewed the last workshop items: Home Occupation and Commercial zoning.

First item: Home Occupation, Walt presented the Board with a revised definition for Home Occupation and the vision of  eliminating the category of  Home Occupation I.  No motions were made at this time as further discussions are needed to be agreed upon.


The second reviewed item  was Commercial Zones.  Walt Ryan went over the last meeting in regards to Commercial Expansion.  A deep discussion was held on Cluster developed Commercial  sections.  Walt Ryan provided maps to the Board members.  The maps had cover layers to show the changes discussed form the previous meeting.  A discussion was held on the zoning of RT 30 to School St., Riceville Rd., Nine Mile Tree Rd., Lathrop Rd.  Agenda items 1thru 3 were put on hold.


New items for review this week are: Accessory Building Heights in LI & LII (402B), and Agricultural Considerations in other districts.  Section 404C1 (c)Accessory Buildings  Locations and Requirements was discussed by the Board.  The Board discussed allowing  agriculture in other districts.  No decisions were made on either issues at this time.


A small discussion was held on Access Rite of way, and for permits for small structures as in 12x12 or 144  square ft.


Chairman Walt Ryan brought up the items for review for the next Workshop.  RT 30 Corridor Study by the DOT, Storm Water Run Offs, Outside Wood Burning Furnaces, and Site Plan Review.


The next meeting will be the Planning Boards regular scheduled meeting on Wednesday February 20, 2008.


MOTION: A motion made by Barney Brower and 2nd by Nancy Deitch the Workshop meeting was closed at 8:30pm.  All in Favor (4), Ryan, Vadney, Brower and Deitch.  Notes taken respectfully by the Clerk.